Nathanael Greene Museum
  Preserving the Heritage of Greeneville, Greene County and the East Tennessee Region

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The Nathanael Greene Museum

Named for Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene, the Museum focuses on the history of Greene County and the Tennessee/Carolina region.  Our exhibits begin with the giant animals that once roamed the area and includes 12 permanent galleries and 12 walk-through exhibits.  There is something for everyone at the Nathanael Greene Museum! 

The Babb Homestead - A Work In Progress

Located across from the Museum at the corner of Main and McKee Streets, the Babb Homestead continues to take shape.  This was the home of Seth Babb, built in 1787, making it one of the earliest structures in Greene County. The Babb family has generously placed this structure on permanent loan to the Nathanael Greene Museum.

The new chimney installed this summer will be followed  by additional roof work.  The Homestead and the entire Mary G. Fox Memorial Park are being developed by the Nathanael Greene Museum as part of our preservation of the area's rich heritage.  

Watch the progress, and join us by visiting the Museum with your family and friends.

Why The 8th Of August Is So Important...

That's the date in 1863 when Governor Andrew Johnson freed his personal slaves in Greeneville, Tennessee, 18 months before slavery was banned statewide and 28 months before the end of slavery in the US.  Learn more about this vital part of history in our Paths to Freedom gallery at the Nathanael Greene Museum.

We're open Tuesday-Saturday, 11AM-5PM.  Admission is only three dollars for adults, two dollars for students.  Museum members enter free of charge.  

Much to Do at the Nathanael Greene Museum... 

See our Events and News Page for Details.

The Nathanael Greene Museum is proud to be involved with the new Greeneville Quilt Trail.  

Please visit our permanent quilt gallery to see quilts from before the Civil War to more recent times. 
About the Nathanael Greene Museum

Located in historically rich Greeneville, Tennessee, the Nathanael Greene Museum takes its name from the famous Revolutionary War General.  Greene County was established in 1783 - 230 years ago - as a part of what was then North Carolina.  The Museum contains artifacts and gallery content covering centuries.  Visit our 12 permanent galleries and 12 walk-through exhibits that explore every facet of the region's history.   Take a walk down Main Street and see life as it was in earlier times.  For those interested in fine furniture and the elegant lifestyles of some area residents, the Museum's collection of antiques, clothing and furniture, will illustrate the promise of 19th Century America.  Experience early farm implements and the importance of tobacco as a cash crop, and see early vehicles including the fully restored 1917 American LaFrance fire engine.  Our Magnavox gallery pays tributes to the thousands of Greene County residents who produced the finest TVs, stereos, organs, and cabinetry from the 1950s-1990s. 

For a sneak peak, 
click here for our virtual tour.
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